The vision of Mavelous is to share some of the best ingredients the earth has to offer, by bringing the finest roasted coffees and boutique wines from around the world to San Francisco, and by utilizing our vast culinary resources in Northern California. The select seasonal menu concentrates on celebrating the small sustainable farms, roasteries and wineries.

Please join us in exploring the vast world of international specialty coffees and boutique wines through regular cuppings and tastings.

No reservations are needed for our urban coffee and wine bar in the heart of the city.  Come for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or in between.  Enjoy some of the best coffee around, or a glass of exceptional wine, while nibbling on savory and sweet treats and reading a book or magazine from our library.

Eco and eclectic, urban and sophisticated, Mavelous is designed for coffee aficionados ready to go beyond their everyday “ cup of Joe,” for a “shaken, not stirred,” experience.


Mavelous was inspired by Clarence E. Bickford, the pioneer green coffee man during the late 19th century, who discovered Central America as a new source for specialty coffee and single-handedly grew San Francisco into a coffee center.  It was then when he first took a sip of a cup brewed from a Central American blend and proclaimed it to be “ma-velous”.  Like Bickford reinvented the coffee trade, Mavelous aims to jumpstart San Francisco’s coffee culture by treating the simplest but best ingredients with diligence and care to take serving specialty craft coffee to an art form.

Artisan brews are handcrafted by professional baristas with care and perfection.  This is not your typical café.  Each coffee can be brewed in six different ways, either by using a one-of-a-kind espresso machine, or manually with a Hario V60 coffee drip, a Chemex coffee maker, a French Press, as well as the popular Siphon coffee brewing machine and the Kyoto cold slow drip coffee maker, both from Japan.  This will allow aficionados to taste the full complexity of each coffee, its natural sweet, fruity, acidic or buttery finish without cream or sugar.  No bitterness here.  (Read More…)


The international wine list features 50 varieties of sustainably grown wines by the bottle, and 15 by the glass concentrating on boutique wineries throughout the US, and countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Argentina, and New Zealand.  Selections include varieties of reds, whites, rosés, and sparkling wines, as well as Ports to be paired with desserts.  Each bottle is being hand-selected and tested to assure the small producers meet the café’s high standards.  Choices of wines by the glass will rotate to provide guests with the opportunity to try each selection over time.  Regular tastings will allow wine enthusiasts to acquaint themselves with some of the more uncommonly known international wineries.


The eco chic design at Mavelous was created by Adeeni Design Group, one of San Francisco’s most notable interior design firms and is known for its eclectic and timeless interiors.  The concept was inspired by the café’s location in San Francisco’s Civic Center and its close proximity to the arts, such as the War Memorial Opera House, the San Francisco Ballet, Davies Symphony Hall, the San Francisco Arts Commission, and the Library.

The design firm paid careful attention to implementing an eco-conscious design that is stylish and modern while celebrating the local arts by incorporating the talents of a number of local artists throughout the space.  Several of them were commissioned not only for specific artwork but also for functional designs such as the lighting, the laser-cut acrylic panels topping the partitions, the paintings on the lampshades and the photographs on the pillows in the lounge.


Amongst the artwork the café’s signature piece is a 50’ painting by infamous street artist Eddie Colla spans the length of the restaurant, setting an edgy tone.  Eddie Colla is one of the Bay Area’s most sought after cutting-edge street artists, who is fast becoming a hot commodity for collectors.  “This is my life” is based on a character Colla has developed over the past year, a Chinese girl living in the city, which functions as a vehicle for calling into question ideas about a changing world and our future.

The untitled photograph is by up and coming Oakland artist Lea Bruno whose work focuses on urban landscapes and graffiti art culture.  He has already been published in a number magazines and books and been shown in various gallery shows, including in the “Exchange Project” group show at the Common Ground Gallery in Berlin, Germany (April 2010) and in “A Decade With No Name” at the Express Gallery in Oakland (August-September 2010).
Adeeni Design Group collaborated with San Francisco lighting artist Kevin Randolph on all light fixtures and the bathroom mirror.  Kevin is known for creating unique lamps, sconces and chandeliers from materials others cast off as trash.  A number of San Francisco restaurants, such as Flour & Water, Bar Crudo, Taco Bar, and community spaces like Plaza Adelente, employed his talents for one-of-a-kind lighting.
Lighting & mirror: Kevin Randolph
Table tops: George Yamaichi
Lucite panel design: Alan Quiros
Art on lampshades: Julie Ditto
Photography on pillows: Meg Messina
Photograph in bathroom: Phillip Ma


Mavelous offers a selection of magazines and books for guests to read. In the spirit of celebrating the local arts we present periodicals from the worlds of art, design, music and dance.  Publications include Paper, SOMA, 7×7, Juxtapoz, Art Forum, Art in America, California Home + Design, Spin, Rolling Stone, Dance, and Opera News, We want to thank you for leaving them behind for other patrons to enjoy.