MA•Velous was inspired by Clarence E. Bickford, the pioneer green coffee man during the late 19th century, who discovered Central America as a new source for specialty coffee and single-handedly grew San Francisco into a coffee center.  It was then when he first took a sip of a cup brewed from a Central American blend and proclaimed it to be “ma-velous”.  Like Bickford reinvented the coffee trade, MA•Velous aims to jumpstart San Francisco’s coffee culture by treating the simplest but best ingredients with diligence and care to take serving specialty craft coffee to an art form.  Artisan brews are handcrafted by professional baristas with care and perfection.  This is not your typical café.  Each coffee can be brewed in six different ways, either by using a one-of-a-kind espresso machine, or manually with a Hario V60 coffee drip, a Chemex coffee maker, a French Press, as well as the popular Siphon coffee brewing machine and the Kyoto cold slow drip coffee maker, both from Japan.  This will allow aficionados to taste the full complexity of each coffee, its natural sweet, fruity, acidic or buttery finish without cream or sugar.  No bitterness here. Continuing the vision of Clarence E. Bickford much importance is being placed on the quality of the coffee, believing that it is solely responsible for excellent taste.  To offer new experiences the café will change its coffee menu seasonally selecting from only the top crops at any given time.  The café is the only one on the West Coast featuring a number of great international roasteries.  For starters sustainably grown coffees come from the award-winning Chicago coffee company Intelligentsia, San Francisco’s own Ecco Caffe, known for its artisan world coffee, and from the famed Norwegian micro roastery Tim Wendelboe.

MA•Velous commissioned Espressoparts to build a custom La Marzocco machine with an exposed engine behind decorative glass panels.  This machine is the first one of its kind and can be likened to a custom-built Lamborghini that feels like a thoroughbred racecar at the hands of our experienced baristas.  They have at their fingertips pre-infusion, pressure, and temperature profiling that allows them on the fly to use different settings on each of the four group heads, independently from one another, as well as manual paddles with foot control steam wands.  This top of the line apparatus can do more than any other espresso machine on the market.  And the proof is in the taste.  And to share the variety of brewing methods and introduce new elite roasters MA•Velous will treat connoisseurs to periodic coffee cuppings.